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A Contribution to the comparative history: the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Valparaíso (Cordoba, Spain) in their written report during the old regime

Author(s): Soledad Gómez Navarro

Journal: Antíteses
ISSN 1984-3356

Volume: 4;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 999;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Church history | Modern Spain | Regular orders | Jeromes | Heuristics.

This work is part of my current line of research focused on the study of the Church in modern Spain as a social institution and power and, in particular of the monastery of San Jeronimo de Cordoba Valparaiso, which I have started a case study precisely because the inquiry, redemption and valuation of one of the most outstanding, rich and few significant accumulated and provided documentary traces the Jeromes Cordoba, namely: Its called “Protocol” or book “Tumbo”. The formal analysis and above all this great content is private church documents the vital center of this contribution. His information on assets, income novice real protection, relations with various institutions in the city, pious foundations and creation, expansion and maintenance of the monastery, are definitely necessary to meet economic, social, politically and culturally to Valparaiso, born, Indeed, very early in the fifteenth century, maintained until the first confiscation and important nineteenth-century as a genuine example of the Iberian Order to which he belonged.
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