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Contribution of temporal dominance of sensations method to the sensory description of taste properties of commercial green tea brands

Author(s): Lenka Trembecká | Tomáš Fekete | Zuzana Beňová | Noémi Dubová

Journal: Potravinarstvo : Scientific Journal for Food Industry
ISSN 1338-0230

Volume: 7;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: temporal dominance of sensations (TDS) | dominance rate | attribute | green tea

This paper aims to investigate the most dominant taste attributes of green tea samples in panelists perception over time. In order to assess the samples, a brand new method of sensory evaluation called „Temporal Dominance of Sensations“ was used. The five commercial green tea brands were evaluated by eight trained panelists (students). For each sample of green tea, curves of the dominance of each attribute over time were computed. The TDS curves provided information about the sequence of attributes that were dominant during degustation. This methodology was useful to characterize taste properties of green tea samples.doi:10.5219/274
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