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Correlação entre o gasto energético, peso corporal e massa magra de mulheres sedentárias e ativas

Author(s): Maira Tatiana Viviani | Manoel Carlos Spiguel Lima | Jair Rodrigues Garcia Junior

Journal: Colloquium Vitae
ISSN 1984-6436

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 75;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Oxigen uptake | Physical exercise | Training | Body fat | Lean body mass

The aim was to verify the correlation among oxygen uptake (VO2) and rest energy expenditure (REE) with the body weight and lean body mass (LBM) of women. Voluntaries of 18-28 years old, 15 sedentary (S) and 15 physically active (A) with body mass index between 20-25 Kg/m2 were evaluated on body weight, skin fold thickness and calculated fat percentage (%F) and LBM. VO2 was measured in gas analyzer and REE calculated by indirect calorimetry. It was used Pearson correlation test to verify the relations. The differences of body weight (0.2 Kg) and LBM (1.2 Kg) between groups are not significant. The %F was 27.83.0 to S and 25.43.0 to A (p
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