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Correlates of the menstrual problems among rural college students of Satara district

Author(s): Rajsinh V. Mohite | Vaishali R. Mohite

Journal: Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences
ISSN 0974-1143

Volume: 06;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 213;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Menstrual problems | BMI | Anaemia

Background: Menstruation, an important part of female reproductive cycle but menstrual dysfunction in adolescent girls may affect normal life of adolescent and young adult women. Objectives: To study the frequency of common menstrual problems and to determine the association between patterns of menstrual cycles with common menstrual problems, nutritional and economic status of rural college girls. Methodology: Cross Sectional study was conducted among college girls of rural area of Satara district, western Maharashtra, India during month of Jan- February 2011.107, age between 17-20 years from educational course of first year B.A. & B.COM. Data was collected by personal interview method and clinical examination of respondents with the help of pretested structured proforma, Weighing machine, Height measuring scale, Haemoglobin assessment strips. Results: Out of 107 girls,79 girls (73.8%) had regular menstrual cycles whereas 28 (26.1%) had irregular menstruation cycles with mean age at menarche 14.1 yrs. 40(37.3%) girls had normal (average) menstrual bleeding whereas scanty and heavy bleeding was seen in 61(57%) and 6(5.6%) girls. Duration of menstrual bleeding for 1-2 days was seen in 75(70%) girls whereas >5 days in 7(6.5%) girls. Dysmenorrhoea observed in 24(22.4%) girls, Anemia seen in 62(57.9%) girls, Under nutrition in 52(48.5%) girls, Obesity in 7(6.5%) while 42(39.2%) girls belonged to lower socioeconomic class. Significant statistical association existed between type of menstrual cycle and anemia, nutritional status, amount of bleeding and dysmenorrhoea. Conclusion: Menstrual health is fundamental to women’s sexual and reproductive health. The present study has established mean age at menarche 14.1year. Poor nutritional status, anemia, low socioeconomic status often associated with menstrual problems, menstrual cycle regularity and mean age at menarche.
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