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Cozinha de ingredientes: uma forma de atualizar tradições gastronômicas?

Author(s): Joana A. Pellerano | Luana Budel | Talitha Ferreira

Journal: Contextos da Alimentação
ISSN 2238-4200

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 28;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: gastronomy | cuisine | ingredients | tradition | seasonality

Though often unnoticed in face of the daily rush and the organization of contemporary society, food can generate discussions that go far beyond the table. The crises of regional and national identity, the use of new Brazilian products, the massification of tastes and textures due to food industry; the lack of understanding and patience of the diners in face of seasonal nature and even the role played by chefs and cooks get our attention and lead us to think the essence of food: ingredients. The encounter between industrialization’s techniques and the ideas that emerge inside the kitchens, besides the studies in light of History, Sociology and Anthropology about food, the appreciation and greater knowledge about ingredients – from the labor with the soil to the final presentation of a dish - can be thought as a methodology of approaching theory and practice, and this form of looking to ingredients is one of the possible places to make this happen. The focus on ingredients aims to explore new culinary techniques in everyday products, change the ways of dealing with the ingredients of a typical or traditional recipe and show new ways for presenting ancient preparations without being subject to loss of identity or history that society established with the food through the culture over time. The goal of this paper is to understand how this happens, based on bibliographic research that explore the concept and characteristics of this form of cooking.
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