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Crianças indígenas "urbanas": aproximações a uma Historiografia na Amazônia

Author(s): Roberto Sanches Mubarac Sobrinho

Journal: Eccos Revista Científica
ISSN 1517-1949

Volume: 9;
Issue: 002;
Start page: 467;
Date: 2007;
Original page

The intent of this article is to propose some approximations, which may contribute to sedimentation of a historiography on the indigenous children in the Amazon. The field of research on these children is very current demand that the construction of theoretical, methodological specific foundations. This represents for the researchers in the field, a constant challenge and, in particular, a search by establishing a dialogue with several interdisciplinary sciences, especially the History, Anthropology, Sociology and Education, all in their sub-areas which study children and childhood, and are gradually allowing the construction of this road. In addition, our goal, nevertheless contributing to the debate is to bring some indicators that can compose this frame of reference that is composed both national and internationally.
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