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Cultural Differences in the Strategy of the Negotiation between France and Italy: the Approach of the Interlocutor

Author(s): Antonella MAURI

Journal: Studii de Stiinta si Cultura
ISSN 1841-1401

Volume: VIII;
Issue: 4 (31);
Start page: 93;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Communication | decoding | local culture | customs | politeness | respect

In the international context, any negotiation needs the knowledge of the local culture. The respectof the social codes and the way of interacting in a certain context are very important in negotiation,and negotiation also needs a strategy of communication including cultural differences and thedecoding of speech, but also the meaning of the non-verbal codes (body movements, dress code,attitudes, exchange of courtesies…) But it is sometime more hard to behave in a impeccable way ina country were the local culture is close to the negotiator culture, because in this case a behaviorbadly adapted to circumstances or a blunder can be considered as an insult. Anyway, the distrust tothe foreigner is always present in human beings, even at an unconscious level ; and each one has acertain degree of attachment in its own cultural identity and he wants from foreigners respect forhis country, his customs and his civilization. If one suspected that the other one does not respecthim or laughs at him, the instinctive reaction of this subject is lock and a withdrawal. We can evenarrive to a real hostility feeling to his interlocutor, which is exactly the opposite of the attitudeindispensable to any successful negotiation. A good negotiator has the duty to establish from thebeginning a reliable work atmosphere or, at least, of mutual respect whit this interlocutor, talkinghim in a suitable way and never violating the local codes of politeness and savoir-vivre. In thisarticle, we explain how to go and speak correctly to yours Italian partners in several professionalcontexts.
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