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Culturally, Historically Communicating the Yoruba's Traditional Concept of Military Heroism: Ááre Óná Kakanfó

Author(s): Bayo Omolola

Journal: KOME : International Journal of Pure Communication Inquiry
ISSN 2063-7330

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 81;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: war | bellicose | brave | courageous | tactics | trouble | culture | tradition | fear | politics | paraphernalia | title holder(s) | history

This article uses Fischer’s narrative paradigm to analyze the traditional war leaders of the Yoruba in the south-west of Nigeria. The paradigm resonates with Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic pentad, which stress symbolic actions. The article defines the title, highlights its origin, presents the characteristics of an Ààre Ònà Kakanfò and tells a brief history of each holder of the title. The purpose ofpresenting all these is to argue that through the history and tradition of Ààre Ònà Kakanfò of the Yoruba land, Yoruba concept of military heroism is constructed and communicated. Also, this article shows how the public react to the character of the Ààre Ònà Kakanfò. In addition, it examines the relevance of the title in the contemporary Nigerian politics.
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