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金银铜纳米粒子的细胞毒性及其应用研究进展 Cytotoxicity of Gold, Silver and Copper Nanoparticles and Their Applications

Author(s): 范玉玲 | 马丽华 | 范兵羽 | 冷爽

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: | | | 金属纳米粒子 | 细胞毒性 | Gold | Silver | Copper | Metal Nanoparticles | Cell Cytotoxicity

 目的:以金、银、铜三种金属为代表综述了金属纳米粒子在细胞毒性及其应用研究方面的进展。方法:以国内外近年有代表性的文献为依据,进行分析、整理和归纳。结果与结论:金属纳米粒子已经证明是强大抗癌工具,但仍需要进一步的优化和了解它们潜在的特性,在对抗癌症的有效治疗策略有广泛的临床应用。 Objective: In order to summarize the advance of study on cytotoxicity and application of the metal nano- particles, the typical representative: gold, silver, copper. Method: The national and international literatures looked up in recent years were analyzed. Results and Conclusions: Metal nanoparticles have proved to be a potential in anti-cancer. But they are still needed to be further understood and optimized with their powerful characteristics, so that they could be used more effectively in treatment strategies in the fight against cancer with a wide range of clinical applications.
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