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Defectoscopy of direct laser sintered metals by low transmission ultrasonic frequencies

Author(s): Ebersold Zoran | Mitrović Nebojša | Đukić Slobodan | Jordović Branka | Peulić Aleksandar

Journal: Science of Sintering
ISSN 0350-820X

Volume: 44;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 177;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: direct laser metal sintering | AlSi12 | ultrasonic defectoscopy | quadraphonic transmissional ultrasonic defectoscopy

This paper focuses on the improvement of ultrasonic defectoscopy used for machine elements produced by direct laser metal sintering. The direct laser metal sintering process introduces the mixed metal powder and performs its subsequent laser consolidation in a single production step. Mechanical elements manufactured by laser sintering often contain many hollow cells due to weight reduction. The popular pulse echo defectoscopy method employing very high frequencies of several GHz is not successful on these samples. The aim of this paper is to present quadraphonic transmission ultrasound defectoscopy which uses low range frequencies of few tens of kHz. Therefore, the advantage of this method is that it enables defectoscopy for honeycombed materials manufactured by direct laser sintering. This paper presents the results of testing performed on AlSi12 sample. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. OI 172057]
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