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Delivery of RNAi-Based Oligonucleotides by Electropermeabilization

Author(s): Sophie Chabot | Sandrine Pelofy | Justin TeissiƩ | Muriel Golzio

Journal: Pharmaceuticals
ISSN 1424-8247

Volume: 6;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 510;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: electroporation | siRNA | miRNA | LNA | siLNA

For more than a decade, understanding of RNA interference (RNAi) has been a growing field of interest. The potent gene silencing ability that small oligonucleotides have offers new perspectives for cancer therapeutics. One of the present limits is that many biological barriers exist for their efficient delivery into target cells or tissues. Electropermeabilization (EP) is one of the physical methods successfully used to transfer small oligonucleotides into cells or tissues. EP consists in the direct application of calibrated electric pulses to cells or tissues that transiently permeabilize the plasma membranes, allowing efficient in vitro and in vivo. cytoplasmic delivery of exogenous molecules. The present review reports on the type of therapeutic RNAi-based oligonucleotides that can be electrotransferred, the mechanism(s) of their electrotransfer and the technical settings for pre-clinical purposes.
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