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Dependence of Synchronization Coefficient Changing on Izhikevich Neuron Model After-Spike Reset Parameters for Ascending Information Flow in Cortical Column

Author(s): Ruslan M. Yatsiuk | Мihail V. Kononov

Journal: European Researcher
ISSN 2219-8229

Volume: 53;
Issue: 6-2;
Start page: 1714;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: neuron dynamics | synchronization coefficient | cortical column | ascending information flow | raster plot | neuron modeling | Izhikevich model | after-spike reset parameters

The synchronization of neurons in cortical column for ascending information flow is considered. Graphics of the synchronization coefficient dependence on different variations of Izhikevich model parameters of after-spike reset were constructed. The raster plots were constructed for visual study of synchronization. Corresponding diagrams were plotted for the opportunity to compare the synchronization coefficient on different layers of cortical column

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