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Design of a Hydraulic Motor System Driven by Compressed Air

Author(s): Dein Shaw | Jyun-Jhe Yu | Cheng Chieh

Journal: Energies
ISSN 1996-1073

Volume: 6;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 3149;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: air engine | pneumatic engine | hydraulic motor | efficiency | air car engine design

This paper presents the design of a highly efficient pneumatic motor system. The air engine is currently the most generally used device to convert potential energy of compressed air into mechanical energy. However, the efficiency of the air engines is too low to provide sufficient operating range for the vehicle. In this study, the energy contained in compressed air/pressurized hydraulic oil is transformed by a hydraulic motor to mechanical energy to enhance the efficiency of using air power. To evaluate the theoretical efficiency, the principle of balance of energy is applied. The theoretical efficiency of converting air into hydraulic energy is found to be a function of pressure; thus, the maximum converting efficiency can be determined. To confirm the theoretical evaluation, a prototype of the pneumatic hydraulic system is built. The experiment verifies that the theoretical evaluation of the system efficiency is reasonable, and that the layout of the system is determined by the results of theoretical evaluation.
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