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太阳能森林防火报警器的设计与实现 Design and Realization of Solar-Powered Forest Fire-Proof and Alarm System

Author(s): 王志达 | 余永城 | 程树英

Journal: Optoelectronics
ISSN 2164-5450

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 太阳能 | 森林防火 | 报警器 | MPP | DC/DC | Solar Power | Forest Fire-Proof | Alarm | MPP | DC/DC

本文以森林防火为应用背景,设计一个太阳能森林防火报警器。该报警器的电源来自于太阳能电池对蓄电池的储能,不但省去更换电源的麻烦,而且环保、安装也方便。当太阳能电池板对蓄电池进行充电时,该报警器能够对太阳能电池板的输出电压、输出电流进行跟踪,使其以最大功率点(MPP)输出,这样就可以以最快的速度将蓄电池充满。系统以单片机STC12C4052AD为主控芯片,并设计DC/DC变换电路。利用烟雾传感器和温度传感器进行火灾探测,实现高分贝报警功能。该项目可应用于森林地形恶劣,或者电力线难以施工区域的防火报警,系统成本低廉,具有实用价值和市场商业价值。 In order to prevent forest fire, a solar-powered forest fire-proof and alarm system is designed and realized in this paper with the power supply furnished by the energy of the solar-powered battery, which is not only eliminating the trouble of replacing the power supply, but also obtaining the advantage of environmentally friendly approach and convenience to install. When the solar cell module is charging the battery, the alarm will track the output voltage and current of the solar cell module to obtain the maximum power, thus, the battery could be fully charged with the fastest speed. The system takes STC12C4052AD as the main chip, and DC/DC converter circuit is designed. The smoke & temperature sensors are used to detect the fire, and it will be a high-decibel alarm. The fire-proof and alarm system can be applied in the forest with harsh terrain or areas where power line is hard to lay, and the system has practical and commercial value with low cost.  
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