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Designing and Describing the Model of Competitive Advantage based on Organizational Intelligence in Knowledge-Based Organizations

Author(s): Gholamali Tabarsa | Ali Rezaeian | Amir Houshang Nazarpouri

Journal: New Marketing Research Journal
ISSN 2228-7744

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Human intelligence (HI) | Structural intelligence (HI) | Knowledge-based organizations (KBOs) | Knowledge communities | Intellectual capitals | Competitive intelligence

Managing knowledge assets, organizational intellectual capabilities and strategic concepts of these capabilities have been addressed as important elements of organizational survival and competitive advantages. In knowledge-based organizations (KBOs), knowledge is the main organizational asset, and organizational success depends on the ability of creation, obtaining, implementing and transferring the knowledge and intellectual assets. Thus, for taking benefit from the opportunities in dynamic environment and obtaining competitive advantage, organizations should manage knowledge and intellectual assets. Organizational intelligence (OI) is about using intellectual abilities of organization for obtaining the mission and objectives in competitive environment. The purpose of this study is to determine factors influencing competitive advantage of KBOs based on OI. Statistical population of this study includes the faculties of universities in Lorestan. Based on factor analysis (FA), sample size has been estimated as 330 faculties. Findings imply that 66% and 61% of competitive advantage in KBOs have been described by structural intelligence factor and human intelligence factor, respectively. Also, knowledge strategies with 40% and 48% of R square coefficient have had the highest influence on structural and human intelligence.
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