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Detrital zircon geochronologic tests of the SE Siberia-SW Laurentia paleocontinental connection

Author(s): J. S. MacLean | J. W. Sears | K. R. Chamberlain | A. K. Khudoley | A. V. Prokopiev | A. P. Kropachev | G. G. Serkina

Journal: Stephan Mueller Special Publication Series
ISSN 1868-4556

Volume: 4;
Start page: 111;
Date: 2009;
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Strikingly similar Late Mesoproterozoic stratigraphic sequences and correlative U-Pb detrital-zircon ages may indicate that the Sette Daban region of southeastern Siberia and the Death Valley region of southwestern North America were formerly contiguous parts of a Grenville foreland basin. The Siberian section contains large numbers of detrital zircons that correlate with Grenville, Granite-Rhyolite, and Yavapai basement provinces of North America. The sections in both Siberia and Death Valley exhibit west-directed thrust faults that may represent remnants of a Grenville foreland thrust belt. North American detrital-zircon components do not occur in Siberian samples above a ~600 Ma breakup unconformity, suggesting that rifting and continental separation blocked transfer of clastic sediment between the cratons by 600 Ma. Faunal similarities suggest, however, that the two cratons remained within the breeding ranges of Early Cambrian trilobites and archeocyathans.
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