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Developing Communites of Inquiry in the USA: Retrospect and Prospective

Author(s): Richard Morehouse

Journal: Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis
ISSN 0890-5118

Volume: 30;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 21;
Date: 2010;
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This paper takes a board perspective on Community of Inquiry (CI), following the orientation of earlier papers looking at progressive pedagogies (Morehouse, 1993a; 1993b). In those papers, I argued that Philosophy for Children should look for kindred spirits in order to both better understand its own position within pedagogic tradition and to “make friends” in order to positively influences the lives and learning of children. The whole language approaches to reading instruction was the major focus of those papers. Here I take a bolder perspective arguing that in order to understand and appreciate what a community of inquiry is, how it operates, and its influence in the schools, one ought to look at applications of CI that are not within the Philosophy for Children literature. Some of these programs specifically discuss CI, others do not. In taking such an approach towards the literature of pedagogy, I have discovered and included programs that do use the words ‘community of inquiry’ as a part of the pedagogic lexicon. This position appears to be supported by Matthew Lipman himself (1988).
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