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发展生态经济,促进湿地保护—以西洞庭湖自然保护区为例 Development of Ecological Economy, Accelerate Wetland Conservation—The case study on West Dongting Lake Nature Reserve

Author(s): 彭平波

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 41;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: 西洞庭湖自然保护区 | 面临威胁 | 生态经济模式 | 保护成效及建议 | West Dongting Lake Nature Reserve | Under Threat | The Ecological Economy Mode | Protection Achievements and Suggestion

西洞庭湖自然保护区自成立以来,充分运用生态经济学原理和系统工程方法来改变自然保护区内生产和消费方式,本文阐述了西洞庭湖自然保护区在生态系统承载能力范围内,充分利用湿地资源大力发展生态旅游和有机渔业生产等生态经济,有力地促进了湿地生态环境的保护,并对今后发展湿地生态经济提出了合理建议。Since established, the West Dongting Lake Nature Reserve has taken full advantage of ecological economics theories and system engineering methods to change the production and consumption patterns. This article expounds that the West Dongting Lake Nature Reserve makes the best of the wetland resources to develop ecological economy, such as ecological tourism, Organic Fisheries and so on within the ecological capacities, and effectively promotes the protection of the ecological environment, and offers reasonable proposals for the future development of the wetland ecological economy.

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