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Development of Nano-Structured AA1050 by ECAE and Thermal Treatments

Author(s): Carmelo J. Luis | Javier León | Rodrigo Luri | Ignacio Puertas | Ivan Pérez | Daniel Salcedo

Journal: Soft Nanoscience Letters
ISSN 2160-0600

Volume: 01;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 120;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: ECAE | SPD | Aluminium | UFG.

In this present work, a study regarding the change in the mechanical properties and in the microstructure of the aluminium alloy AA1050 is made after being processed by severe plastic deformation (SPD) with Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE). Optical and scanning electron microscopy techniques will be employed in order to determine the evolution of the microstructure after different thermal treatments, subsequent to the severe plastic deformation process. This present work involves a profound study on the change in the mechanical properties for an alloy which has a very low value of strain hardening at room temperature. With this, it is demonstrated that it is possible to improve its mechanical properties significantly with an adequate combination of ECAE processing and thermal treatments.
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