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Diagnóstico actual de los parámetros fisicoquímicos como indicadores de contaminación ambiental en el río Apulo, Cundinamarca – Colombia

Author(s): Yuliet Andrea Rincón Galán | Diana Del Socorro Daza Ardila | William Fernando Castrillón Cardona

Journal: Tecnura
ISSN 0123-921X

Volume: 15;
Issue: 28;
Start page: 53;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Quality of the water | Anthropic intervention | Physico-chemical parameters | Apulo River.

The Apulo River constitutes an affluent of the Bogota River, on him settled down six stations of sampling and in each of them a sampling for the study of physico-chemical parameters was realised, In situand of laboratory. The taking of the data was realised during four months realised every thirty days, which were analyzed in laboratory and from them, values of each variable were obtained, with which the Indices of Contamination were determined caused by: mineralization ICOMI, suspended solids ICOSUS, trofismo ICOTRO, index of Langelier LSI and index of saprobiedad, from this, comparisons betweenthe stations of sampling in terms of contamination contamination settled down, as well as their possible reasons inferred from an analysis of statistical correlation between the obtained results. Considering the results of each variable and the indices of contamination the anthropic action in the river basin of theApulo River is evaluated, which is demonstrated in the quantification of its physico-chemical parameters it classifies and it like a eutrófico system. It is possible to be deduced, that the water body is put under certain unloading of contamination that becomes moreevident in than other stations and that also, presents attempts of autorecuperación that are interrupted by the constant ecosistémico imbalance caused by the anthropic disturbances on the river.
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