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Diagnóstico del Virus Papiloma Humano en cuello uterino de mujeres que acuden a su consulta anual citológica

Author(s): Aldo Reigosa | Maritza Alvarez | Micaela De Vasconcelo | Rosa Cristina | Wendy Salas | Vilma Rebolledo | Alegría Voldman

Journal: Salus Online
ISSN 1316-7138

Volume: 8;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: HPV | PCR | uterine cervix cancer

Th e prese nt study car rie d o ut huma n papil lomavirus (HP V) detectio na n d ge n otyping by polymerase chain re actio n (PC R) in a gro u p of 5 8asymptomatic wome n at te nding th e Preve ntive Medicin e Ce nter Brisas d eCarabo b o in th e city of Vale ncia, b etween Fe bru ary and March 200 2. 3 4.5 %(2 0/5 8) p ositive cases were d etecte d by PCR, while cytology id e ntifie d 1 8.2% (8/4 4). Inter me diate risk ge n otypes prevailed, 4 2.9 % (9/2 1), over low risk,3 8.1 % (8/2 1); a n d high risk, 1 9 % (4/2 1). Th e most frequ e nt strain for th einter mediate gro u p was 45, while th ose for th e low and high risk gro u ps were6 a n d 16, resp ectively. O th er factors relate d to HPV infectio n such as age,multip arity, sexual relatio ns at a yo u ng age, smoking h a bit and promis cuitywere n ot statistically sig nifica nt (p>0.0 5). In conclusio n, PC R d etected morewome n w ith HPV th a n cytology. HPV diagn oses in asymptomatic womenprese nted a high frequ e ncy of inter mediate and high risk strains (6 1.9 %)

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