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La differenza 156 del Conciliator: una rilettura

Author(s): Vittoria Perrone Compagni

Journal: Annali del Dipartimento di Filosofia dell’Università di Firenze
ISSN 0394-5073

Volume: 15;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 65;
Date: 2010;
Original page

This paper offers a new reading of Conciliator’s differentia 156: it puts Pietro d’Abano’s discussion on incantations in relationship with his general thoughts on natural causality. The refusal of Avicenna’s theory of dator formarum as external agent of the production of life implies rejecting the notion of transitive imagination in distans. Pietro d’Abano explains the use of incantations in medicine as a result of subjective psychosomatic effects of imagination in accordance with the strict meaning of this notion, to be found in terms identical to those laid down in Aristotle’s De animalium motu and in Galenic tradition.
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