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Dificultades de comprensión de nociones relativas a la clasificación periódica de los elementos químicos: la opinión de profesores e investigadores en educación químic1

Author(s): Antonio Joaquín Franco Mariscal | José María Oliva Martínez

Journal: Revista Cientifica
ISSN 0124-2253

Volume: 16;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 53;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: periodic classification of the elements | learning difficulties | obstacles in chemical education | Periodic Table.

Thispaper analyzes thelearning difficultiesof students in secondary edu- cation about the subject of the Periodic Table of elements. We present the opinions of a sample of teachers in Chemistry and Science Education obtained from written questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. The information has been analyzed from a set of eight dimensions that allow us to systematize several sources of difficulty and different reasons that may hinder student learning in this subject. Specifically, we propose these dimensions: 1) attitudinal aspects, 2) memorizing 3) deficiencies about preconceptions in the lesson 4) misunderstanding of the properties used as criteria classification; 5) the notion of periodicity and the percep- tion of its usefulness 6) ambivalence of meanings of notions related with the Periodic Table; 7) the abstract nature of the concepts involvereasoning required; and 8) deficiencies in the teaching process.
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