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Author(s): I. Kocharian

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 67;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 46;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: monitoring system | higher education planning | educational facilities | dimension evaluation | set of in-dexes

Higher education is one of the most important directions of the state policy in Ukraine. It is stipulated by the fact that education is a strategic resource of socioeconomic, cultural and spiritual development of the society, improving human welfare, guarding national interests and strengthening the international authority and formation of a positive image of our country, creating the conditions for self-realization of each individual.Education in Ukraine belongs to complex systems, so generation of management decisions relates to the processes of great complexity. This is explained by hierarchical organizational structure, the number of subsystems and elements of the system, its multifunctional, dynamic properties. The need to solve management problems in the multidimensional space of higher education management requires a strong information support.The article considers the evaluation of educational facilities indices dimension of higher education institutions (HEIs) of Ukraine, confirming the relevance of creating and implementing a modern information system of preparation, processing and maintenance of planning process of specialists training by normative-referenced data on the facilities of higher education institutions.A variety of management problems, a large number of subjects in higher education and government bodies, large number of characters and their combinations, the dimension of indices sets, makes the monitoring system a very complicated management system, the construction and implementation of which requires the development of methods and algorithms needed to implement certain conditions.Educational facilities indices of higher education are an important input for the development of specialists training plans and for decision-making at the state level, the central executive bodies, local authorities and universities.In this regard, it is arguable that the accounting and analysis system of educational facilities indices will provide normative-referenced information about the system of planning specialists training facilities in higher education in Ukraine and making decisions about its development.The aim of the article is to study the problems in the development and creation of monitoring the system that would meet requirements mentioned above and provide planning system of higher education with data using current models and information technologies, and to define the need of investigating the indices system of educational facilities, its structure, characteristics and indices and sets of indices detection for any characters and their combina­tions and, above all, to assess the dimension of the indices system that will provide the recipients of information with the required indices set of higher education institutes facilities in Ukraine.
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