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Direct Electron Acceleration with Radially Polarized Laser Beams

Author(s): Charles Varin | Stéphane Payeur | Vincent Marceau | Sylvain Fourmaux | Alexandre April | Bruno Schmidt | Pierre-Louis Fortin | Nicolas Thiré | Thomas Brabec | François Légaré | Jean-Claude Kieffer | Michel Piché

Journal: Applied Sciences
ISSN 2076-3417

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 70;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: radially polarized beams | electron acceleration | high-power infrared sources

In the past years, there has been a growing interest in innovative applications of radially polarized laser beams. Among them, the particular field of laser-driven electron acceleration has received much attention. Recent developments in high-power infrared laser sources at the INRS Advanced Laser Light Source (Varennes, Qc, Canada) allowed the experimental observation of a quasi-monoenergetic 23-keV electron beam produced by a radially polarized laser pulse tightly focused into a low density gas. Theoretical analyses suggest that the production of collimated attosecond electron pulses is within reach of the actual technology. Such an ultrashort electron pulse source would be a unique tool for fundamental and applied research. In this paper, we propose an overview of this emerging topic and expose some of the challenges to meet in the future.
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