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Direct Search Based Strategy for Obstacle Avoidance of a Redundant Manipulator

Author(s): Cornel Secară | Dan Dumitriu

Journal: Analele Universităţii Eftimie Murgu Reşiţa. Fascicula de Inginerie
ISSN 1453-7397

Volume: XVII;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 11;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Redundant manipulator | direct search strategy | obstacle avoidance

This paper presents an iterative direct search based strategy for redundancy resolution. The end-effector of the redundant manipulatorachieves the imposed task of following the contour of a curve, whilefulfilling two other performance criteria: obstacle avoidance and minimization of the sum of joint displacements. The objective function to minimize is the sum of joint displacements, while the obstacle avoidance and end-effector task are expressed as non-linear constraints. The proposed direct search based strategy is iterative; the joint configuration computed in the previous step represents the current point around which the generalized pattern search algorithm is successfully performed.
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