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Discovery of the teleomorph of the hyphomycete, Sterigmatobotrys macrocarpa, and epitypification of the genus to holomorphic status

Author(s): M. Réblová | K.A. Seifert

Journal: Studies in Mycology
ISSN 0166-0616

Volume: 68;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 193;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Anamorph-teleomorph connection | Carpoligna | ncLSU rDNA | phylogeny | Pleurothecium | teleotypification

Sterigmatobotrys macrocarpa is a conspicuous, lignicolous, dematiaceous hyphomycete with macronematous, penicillate conidiophores with branches or metulae arising from the apex of the stipe, terminating with cylindrical, elongated conidiogenous cells producing conidia in a holoblastic manner. The discovery of its teleomorph is documented here based on perithecial ascomata associated with fertile conidiophores of S. macrocarpa on a specimen collected in the Czech Republic; an identical anamorph developed from ascospores isolated in axenic culture. The teleomorph is morphologically similar to species of the genera Carpoligna and Chaetosphaeria, especially in its nonstromatic perithecia, hyaline, cylindrical to fusiform ascospores, unitunicate asci with a distinct apical annulus, and tapering paraphyses. Identical perithecia were later observed on a herbarium specimen of S. macrocarpa originating in New Zealand. Sterigmatobotrys includes two species, S. macrocarpa, a taxonomic synonym of the type species, S. elata, and S. uniseptata. Because no teleomorph was described in the protologue of Sterigmatobotrys, we apply Article 59.7 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. We epitypify (teleotypify) both Sterigmatobotrys elata and S. macrocarpa to give the genus holomorphic status, and the name S. macrocarpa is adopted for the holomorph. To evaluate the ordinal and familial affinities of Sterigmatobotrys and its relationships with the morphologically similar genera Carpoligna and Chaetosphaeria, phylogenetic relationships were inferred based on aligned sequences of the large subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA (ncLSU rDNA)
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