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Disidentità: una chiave di lettura per le nuove forme di psicopatologia?

Author(s): Anna Maria Ferraro | Francesca Giannone | Girolamo Lo Verso

Journal: Narrare i Gruppi
ISSN 2281-8960

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 37;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: dis-identity | psychopathology | postmodernity

nsformations society has faced in the transition from modernity to postmodernity have shaken the traditional group dimensions, and thereby, personal identity itself. The stray of the sense of belonging, linked to the consideration of some cultural, linguistic, religious traditions as our own, not only prevents from understanding the world. It also hampers the possibility to internalize all those aspects of the experience of "belonging" which, when lost, become nothing more than fragments of an essentially uncertain and provisional world. Taking up some of the concepts of the subjectual group analysis theory of personality, the article proposes a reflection on why some recent anthropological changes may represent a threat in relation to the development of individual identity, with a special focus on the concept of dis-identity. It will therefore highlight the instability of identification dynamics and the connection of this weak spot to the development of new forms of psychopathology.After illustrating the fragility of the internalization process of the composing elements of individual identity, the article associates the partial shadowing of the intersubjective dimension with the emergence of new psychopathological figures.
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