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Disseminating “Medicine Access and Use” Research

Author(s): Zaheer-Ud Din Babar

Journal: Southern Med Review
ISSN 1174-2704

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 2;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Medicine use | medicine access | pharmaceutical policy

To improve medicine use as well as to build informed policies, appropriate medicine policy research is vital. However, only performing such research is not enough, publishing is the next step to disseminate the opinion to a wider audience. Nevertheless, publishing medicine use research has always been challenging in top tier journals. Though to an extent, developed countries do manage the task with trained researchers- on the other hand, developing countries, where the health systems are weak and the need to publish policy research is immense, the chore is an uphill task. Factors which contribute to low volumes of publication from developing countries could be inexperienced researchers, poor quality of research as well as the “Topics” out of scope of the well established journals. Therefore, the primary objective of this journal is to provide an alternative medium to researchers from developing countries (termed ‘the south’) to showcase their ideas and research outputs to a global audience. “Southern Med Review” will be publishing original research, commentaries, viewpoints and the development of clinical and social pharmacy across the globe. In this issue, we are discussing the establishment of Discipline of Social Pharmacy at Universiti Sains Malaysia- a premier discipline in Asia which has spurred pharmaceutical policy research in many developing countries. Two practice & policy articles, one from Nepal and other from Pakistan show the role of pharmacists in improving hospital pharmacy services in these countries. Articles of topical interest are also welcome from The Global North and under a section called “Innovative Approaches in Asia Pacific”, the relationship between studying organisational theory and improving community pharmacy services will be discussed. It is interesting and encouraging to note that most of the contributors in this issue are doctoral students.

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