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Does the liaison Nurse have an Effective Role in Transitional Care Model?

Author(s): Rafat Rezapour

Journal: Electronic Physician
ISSN 2008-5842

Volume: 3;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 399;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Liaison Nurse | Transitional care model | Chronic patients | Long term care | Quality of life.

Nurses play a pivotal role in the care of chronic patients. In consequence, innovations relating to the nursing practiceas a liaison nurse and care for chronic patients are being implemented in many countries to produce new forms ofhealth care model. These innovations often aim to break care gap and deliver long term after care for chronicpatients. Long term after care means a shift of care givers responsibilities and tasks from hospital to patients homethat qualitatively good care is provided by the most appropriate health care provider at the lowest cost level.Implementing transitional care model show that it is indeed possible to decrease rates of re-hospitalization alsoduration of hospitalization of chronic patients. Patients and loved ones are better able to manage their careindependently and their quality of life will be promoted.Improved coordination of care leads to better communication and improved satisfaction ratings between patients andhealthcare providers. Also improve quality of care and decrease health care costs.In this paper author try to introduces a new model of nursing care, especially in patients with chronic diseases thatwill full care gap between hospital and home. Also the author suggests the positive and effective role of the liaisonnurse in promote of quality of life of the patients with chronic diseases in this new model of care.
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