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Įdomi ir vertinga monografija (Interesting and Valuable Monograph)

Author(s): Renata Bagdonienė | Juozapas Audvydas Staškevičius

Journal: Engineering Economics
ISSN 1392-2785

Volume: 4;
Start page: 110;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Review

Vilnius Pedagogical University press recently published themonograph “Management of Investment Decisions” by AleksandrasVytautas Rutkauskas and Petras Stankevičius. The monograph wasreviewed by prof. dr. habil. V. Gerasimčiuk (Kiev Polytechnic Un iversity),prof. dr. habil. J. Mackevičius (Vilnius University) and prof.dr. A. Temičev (Minsk Polytechnic University). The monograph is inthe Lithuanian language and consists of 374 pages. It is compl imentedbecause of late decades larger or smaller financial criseshappened in many countries of the world. These crises sorely reboundedon economy development and on investors’ profitability andrisk level.The authors of the monograph deal with a very important theme.Systematized knowledge about investment process and methods,which evaluate profitability and risk of investment, are of great scientificand practical significance. For this reason A. V. Rutkauskas andP. Stankevičius monograph “Management of Investment Decisions”can be highly valued.The authors state that “investment is a capital resort way whichshould ensure capital safety and value increase”. Almost all ninemonograph chapters (three sections) are aimed at analyzing, developingand forming recommendations for this motif.It is complimented that A. V. Rutkauskas and P. Stankevičiushave analyzed several methods of investment portfolio profitabilityevaluation and optimal investment portfolio creation. Surely, themost important thing is the right investment decision-making consideringthe results of risk quantitative measurement and economic est imation.The authors systemized investment decision-making processand broadly analyzed decision-making methods.The monograph is considered to make u significant contributioninto the field of investment decisions both from the theoretical andpractical point of view.
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