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Dynamics of the development of 'risk' notion in the psychological science and its interdisciplinary discourse

Author(s): Natalia Miheyeva

Journal: Social and Natural Sciences Journal
ISSN 1804-4158

Volume: 5;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Risk notion | Psychology

After studying the theoretical sources related to the topic theauthor of research comes to the conclusion that the notionof risk as a systematic phenomenon was not paid sufficientattention in existing scientific literature. Problem:An insufficient state of knowledge of the phenomenon of riskin Latvian psychological science, taking into considerationits multifacetedness, which is confirmed by the researchesboth in Psychology and in other sciences. The researchersof risk hitherto have not come to agreement of opinion evenin the sphere of the definition of the risk notion itself, whichrequires the theoretical cooperative analysis of existingconcepts. The author pays particular attention to the factorof social instability in Latvia and in the world, which is thedeterminant for risk both in social environment andin behaviour of an individual. Aim: operationalization andsystematization of the 'risk' notion, its theories and concepts,as well as of the notions related or interdisciplinaryconnected to 'risk' notion. Tasks: implementing thecomparative theoretical study of the existing concepts ofrisk, tracing the dynamics of the 'risk' notion formation inPsychology, carrying out the analysis of the risk study resultsin the fields of scientific knowledge that are related orinterdisciplinary connected to Psychology. Method:theoretical comparative analysis. Output: Both classical andmodern researches on risk and correlating phenomenaunder the situation of social instability were analysed andsystematized. Summary: Risk has a multifaceted andmultideterminantnature, which stipulates its study by manysciences and makes it possible to talk of its interdisciplinarydiscourse. In Psychology it has rather rich research tradition,which is represented both by classical and modernresearches. The researchers of risk have not come toagreement on the definition of risk, and there aredivergences in its interpretation. Scientists agree, that riskhas a number of features (uncertainty, alternativity, situationof evaluation, etc.), as well as is determined by many factors(age, gender, social status, personal attitude etc.). It wasthat discovered that insufficient attention has been paid tothe study of this phenomenon in Latvia. Risk has beenstudied in Social psychology, but the existing view on riskin that sphere seems to author to be not complete, pixelated,taking into consideration the systematization law within theinteraction of the elements of social medium.
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