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E-model MOS Estimate Improvement through Jitter Buffer Packet Loss Modelling

Author(s): Adrian Kovac | Michal Halas | Milos Orgon | Miroslav Voznak

Journal: Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
ISSN 1804-3119

Volume: 9;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 233;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: VoIP | E-model | MOS | QoS | packet loss | jitter buffer | loss estimate | Generalized Pareto | packet interarrival | Pareto/D/1/K.

Proposed article analyses dependence of MOS as a voice call quality (QoS) measure estimated through ITU-T E-model under real network conditions with jitter. In this paper, a method of jitter effect is proposed. Jitter as voice packet time uncertainty appears as increased packet loss caused by jitter memory buffer under- or overflow. Jitter buffer behaviour at receiver’s side is modelled as Pareto/D/1/K system with Pareto-distributed packet interarrival times and its performance is experimentally evaluated by using statistic tools. Jitter buffer stochastic model is then incorporated into E-model in an additive manner accounting for network jitter effects via excess packet loss complementing measured network packet loss. Proposed modification of E-model input parameter adds two degrees of freedom in modelling: network jitter and jitter buffer size.
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