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Author(s): Slobodan Radosavljević | Milan Radosavljević

Journal: Serbian Journal of Management
ISSN 1452-4864

Volume: 6;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 169;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: environmental risk | eco practical | eco-destruction | model | mining

Environmental protection is a key factor for sustainable development in the area of exploitationof natural energy resources. Solving problems in this field requires a quality strategic positioning ecoexploitation sites, which is the most burdened by environmental problems, based on modernscientific approaches and definitions. Realistically frequent criticism and environmental hazards inmining the potential of various statements. There is a long-term disruption of natural flow and overallecological balance of the system. Demonstrated environmental destruction and damage of smaller orlarger extent the result, which can be accessed from the aspect of taking corrective action by the state.A complex analysis of the causes, the analysis of environmental risks and the definition of preventiveenvironmental strategy, hardly can speak, at least in the forms of modern analytical andmethodological approaches. The basis of determining the initiation of interest on takingresponsibility for local environmental priorities and their protection in areas of intensive exploitationof works. It is a negative impact on human health and the need to preserve the total ecosystem.Analysis of environmental risks is becoming logistically purpose and need with which to be flexible,adaptable, and efficiently organize and manage access to environmental reality and truth in thecontext of improvements, now and in the near future. This paper presents real experiences andresearch results in environmental practicum proposals and implementation of modern concepts,methods and models for the analysis of environmental risks.
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