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Editorial introduction

Author(s): Wim Vandekerckhove | Jos Leys

Journal: Philosophica
ISSN 0379-8402

Volume: 80;
Date: 2007;
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This introduction to the special issue on information asymmetries in socially responsible investment (SRI) introduces the concept of information asymmetries and offers an overview of how such information asymmetries pertain to SRI. We first point out that all Abanking@ (or Afinance@), in its different metiers, always is concerned with information asymmetries. That introductory concept is succeeded by an overview of the different metiers in banking. We try to diminish a general information asymmetry regarding the financial professions in general and their scope for SRI more specifically. We then distinguish several types of information asymmetry that may be at play in SRI-projects and introduce the contributions in this issue.
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