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Effect of Camphor Sulfonic Acid Doping on Structural, Morphological, Optical and Electrical Transport Properties on Polyaniline-ZnO Nanocomposites

Author(s): S. L. Patil | M. A. Chougule | S. G. Pawar | Shashwati Sen | V. B. Patil

Journal: Soft Nanoscience Letters
ISSN 2160-0600

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Polyaniline | Zinc Oxide | XRD | SEM | FTIR | UV-Vis

In the present work, we report on effect of camphor sulfonic acid (CSA) doping on polyaniline-ZnO (50%) nanocomposites prepared by spin coating method on glass substrates. The XRD analysis revealed that the addition of CSA has no effect on crystallinity of PANi-ZnO nanocomposites. Surface morphological studies (SEM) showed that CSA has a strong effect on morphology of PANi-ZnO. The FTIR & UV-Vis spectroscopy confirmed the interaction between CSA and PANi-ZnO nanocomposite. DC electrical conductivity studies showed an increase in conductivity of PANi-ZnO nanocomposites by one order due to addition of CSA (10% - 50%).
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