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Effect of slope position on physico-chemical properties of eroded soil

Author(s): Farmanullah Khan, Zubair Hayat, Waqar Ahmad, | Muhammad Ramzan | Muhammad Sharif, Ishaq Ahmad Mian | Muhammad Hanif

Journal: Soil & Environment
ISSN 2074-9546

Volume: 32;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 22;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Water erosion | nutrient deficiencies | soil series | eroded soil

The research work was conducted on eroded soil (Missa Series) in Samarbagh, District Lower Dir to determine the effect of slope position on soil physico-chemical properties. Soil samples were collected from top-slope, mid-slope and bottom slope positions at horizon-A, B and C. Results showed a significant difference among the physico-chemical properties of top, mid and bottom slope soils. Bulk density of the top-slope (1.51 g cm-3) was the highest followed by mid (1.39 g cm-3) and bottom slopes (1.32 g cm-3). Conversely, electrical conductivity EC-2.47 dS m-1), phosphorus (3.40 mg kg-1), Potassium (118.8 mg kg-1), Organic matter content (1.52 %), clay content (20.39 %) and silt content (49.17%) were the highest at bottom slope followed by mid and top-slopes, respectively. Soil A, B and C horizons were also significantly (p
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