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The effectiveness of the lymphatic drainage massage in treating the inflammatory response in cervical spondylosis - case study

Author(s): Doina MÂRZA-DĂNILĂ

Journal: Gymnasium
ISSN 1453-0201

Volume: 12;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 41;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: lymphatic drainage massage

My interest for this problem coincided with a patient's request to do something for her. The patient presented a cervical osteoarthritis, with recurrences of cervicalgia, together with inflammatory symptoms: heat, edema, diminished functionality, tissue congestion, pain. After taking anti-inflammatory drugs that were not tolerated by her digestive system, and analgesics that were making her sleepy, the patient gave up her treatment, interrupted her sessions of classical massage, reeducation, physiotherapy, which increased her pain even more, and she got used to the idea that she will always live in pain. A new episode of cervicalgia determined her to ask for help somewhere else. This episode was treated only through lymphatic drainage massage, which really eased her pain, and allowed her to start again the physical therapy, this time with greater ease. Through the absorption and appeal maneuvers, the lymphatic drainage massage allowed the capture of liquids, reestablishing the tissue physiological balance, and contributed to the reconstruction of the damaged tissue, to reducing pain, and to giving back the freedom of movement in the joints, thus allowing a gradual re-adaptation of the cervical spine to movement. In conclusion, the lymphatic drainage massage can be applied as a conservatory, preparatory, and complementary treatment with the therapies that are usually used in the case of cervicalgia.
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