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以视讯化方式增加早产儿母亲执行袋鼠式护理之成效 Effectiveness of Video-Based Method on Kangaroo Care for Mother of Premature Infant

Author(s): 董道兴

Journal: Advances in Clinical Medicine
ISSN 2161-8712

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 31;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 视讯化 | 袋鼠式护理 | 早产儿母亲 | Video-Based | Kangaroo Care | Mother of Premature Infant

背景:袋鼠式护理不仅使早产儿生理状况较稳定、促进生长发育、正向行为发展、减少医院感染率,更可以促进亲子依附,成功哺喂母乳,增加育儿信心及提升早产儿母亲的满意度。目标:本研究透过视讯化袋鼠护理方案,以增加母亲执行袋鼠式护理的意愿与行动,并希望增加早产儿母亲执行袋鼠式护理之比例。方法:护理指导光盘内容包含介绍袋鼠式护理、优点、事前准备及注意事项,时间约10分钟,以减少母亲因过于冗长而感到疲倦、降低观看的意愿。结果:执行成果发现母亲对于袋鼠式护理的认知、育儿信心、亲子依附关系、住院压力、哺喂母乳比例、以及满意度均有显着改善。结论:建议日后可将视讯化卫教视为临床护理指导的模式。Background. The benefits of the kangaroo care to premature children are not only more stable physiological conditions to promote growth and development, positive behavioral development, reducing hospital infection rates, but also can promote parent-child attachment, the success of breastfeeding, increase parental confidence and enhancing the satisfaction of mothers in preterm children. Objectives. The video- based Kangaroo care program is conducted to increase the willingness and action of kangaroo care and the proportion of kangaroo care for mother of premature infant. Methods. The nursing care guide CD-ROM contained description kangaroo care, the advantages of advanced preparation and precautions. The watching time was about 10 minutes to reduce the mothers feel tired and reduce the willingness. Results. The results show that kangaroo mother care, cognition, parenting confidence, parent-child attachment relationship, hos- pital pressure, the proportion of breastfeeding, and mothers’ satisfaction are significantly improved. Con- clusions. The video-based health education program could be regarded as a model to guide clinical nursing care.
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