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Effects of Previous Crop Management, Fertilization Regime and Water Supply on Potato Tuber Proteome and Yield

Author(s): Catherine Tétard-Jones | Martin G. Edwards | Leonidas Rempelos | Angharad M.R. Gatehouse | Mick Eyre | Stephen J. Wilcockson | Carlo Leifert

Journal: Agronomy (Basel)
ISSN 2073-4395

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: 2D-electrophoresis | chicken manure pellets | cattle manure | fertilization regime | potato | protein profile | Solanum tuberosum | water use

There is increasing concern about the sustainability and environmental impacts of mineral fertilizer use in agriculture. Increased recycling of nutrients via the use of animal and green manures and fertilizers made from domestic organic waste may reduce reliance on mineral fertilizers. However, the relative availability of nutrients (especially nitrogen) is lower in organic compared to mineral fertilizers, which can result in significantly lower yields in nutrient demanding crops such as potato. It is therefore important to gain a better understanding of the factors affecting nutrient use efficiency (yield per unit fertilizer input) from organic fertilizers. Here we show that (a) previous crop management (organic vs. conventional fertilization and crop protection regimes), (b) organic fertilizer type and rate (composted cattle manure vs. composted chicken manure pellets) and (c) watering regimes (optimized and restricted) significantly affected leaf chlorophyll content, potato tuber N-concentration, proteome and yield. Protein inference by gel matching indicated several functional groups significantly affected by previous crop management and organic fertilizer type and rate, including stress/defense response, glycolysis and protein destination and storage. These results indicate genomic pathways controlling crop responses (nutrient use efficiency and yield) according to contrasting types and rates of organic fertilizers that can be linked to the respective encoding genes.
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