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The Effects of Traffic Accidents on the Emergence of Psychological Disorders Among Drivers of “3rd. Category”: Private License in Jordan “A Field Research”

Author(s): Khowla Abd Al Raheem Ghoneem

Journal: Studies in Sociology of Science
ISSN 1923-0176

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 77;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Traffic Accidents | Psychological Disorders | Driving license from 3rd category | Depression | Nervousness | Emotion

The study aimed to know the effects of traffic accidents on the emergence of psychological disorders among drivers from “3rd category” private license in the city of Salt in Jordan. That would be through knowing whether the traffic accidents have an impact on the driver’s psychological trauma and if traffic accidents cause an emergence of state of depression, nervousness, and lack of concentration at work. A psychological trauma questionnaire which consisted of (17) paragraphs was used. In addition, a questionnaire which consisted of (28) paragraphs was laid out and spread over several pivots (depression, nervousness and the lack of concentration at work). The research sample has been formed of (50) drivers 14 of them were females, after that averages, and standard deviations and calculating of the value of the test (T) were extracted to come to the study conclusions. The study concluded that there were statistical differences which confirm that the drivers who were involved in traffic accidents have been exposed to psychological trauma, states of depression and nervousness. Also, the study indicated that there were no statistical differences between traffic accidents and the lack of concentration at work.Key words: Traffic Accidents; Psychological Disorders; Driving license from 3rd category; Depression; Nervousness; Emotion
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