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Effects of tramadol on electrocardiogram, mean electrical axis and respiration in Kagani goats (Capra hircus)

Author(s): Pawan K Verma | Rajinder Raina | Nrip K Pankaj | Shahid Prawez | Anil k Srivastava

Journal: Iranian Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ISSN 1735-2657

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 157;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Tramadol | Electrocardiogram | Mean electrical axis | Respiration | Kagani goats

The effects of tramadol on electrocardiogram (ECG), mean electrical axis and respiratory rates were studied in adult kagani goats after intramuscular administration of tramadol at 1 mg/kg b.wt. as a prelude to its clinical use as an analgesic in veterinary practice. The ECG was monitored by standard bipolar leads and discernible electrocardiographic features were observed in lead II. The normal electrocardiographic parameters in healthy goats were; P-wave (0.04 ± 0.005 mV, 48 ± 4.29 ms), QRS complex (0.38 ± 0.037 mV, 84 ± 2.86 ms), T-wave (0.11 ± 0.005 mV, 76 ± 1.28 ms), PR, ST, QT intervals were 152 ± 5.72, 280 ± 7.29, 368 ± 18.60 ms, respectively. These parameters were not significantly different in goats up to 3h post treatment. Except significant reduction in T-wave amplitude (p
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