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Effects of Unsupervised Exercise Training Program in the Quality of Life and Functional Capacity of Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

Author(s): Elizabeth Rodrigues de Morais | Salvador Rassi | Krislainy de Sousa Correa

Journal: UNOPAR Científica : Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde
ISSN 1517-2570

Volume: 15;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 97;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Exercise | Heart Failure | Quality of Life.

Patients with chronic heart failure (HF) often have limiting symptoms such as breathlessness and fatigue that impair substantially the functional capacity and quality of life. Thus, the present study aimed to evaluate the impact of a program of unsupervised exercise on the quality of life and functional capacity of patients with chronic heart failure. Using a controlled clinical trial randomized into two groups, 22 patients with heart failure, who attended the outpatient HF a reference hospital in the state of Goiás, aged between 18 and 85 years, both sexes, class II or III. The GT training group (n=13) have walked unsupervised for 10 weeks but attended educational workshop. The CG control group (n=9) received only educational workshop. Both groups underwent assessment of functional test through the six-minute walk (6MWT) and quality of life using the SF-36, pre and post intervention. Regarding quality of life, the TG (aged 62.1 ± 11.7 years) showed improvement in six areas of the SF-36: functional capacity (p=0.003), physical appearance (p=0.01), pain (p=0.03), social (p=0.02) and emotional role (p=0.02) and mental health (p=0.003). The GC (aged 65.9 ± 11.5 years) showed improvement only in the mental health domain (p=0.03). Both groups have increased the distance during the 6MWT, the GT increased 64.1 m (p=0.004) and GC 29.1 m (p=0.03). It was possible to conclude that unsupervised exercise was effective in improving functional capacity and quality of life in heart failure patients.
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