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Efficient red electroluminescence from diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymerised with a polyfluorene

Author(s): O. Fenwick | S. Fusco | T. N. Baig | F. Di Stasio | T. T. Steckler | P. Henriksson | C. Fléchon | M. R. Andersson | F. Cacialli

Journal: APL Materials
ISSN 2166-532X

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 032108;
Date: 2013;
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We report the synthesis, characterization, and device incorporation of copolymers based on a common green-emitting polyfluorene but containing a small proportion of a low energy gap donor-acceptor-donor unit for red emission in photo- and electro-luminescence. At just 1%–3% random incorporation, the low-gap unit is not present on all chains, yet we demonstrate that efficient charge and energy transfer can yield electroluminescent devices with 1% quantum efficiency and a color that can be tuned by adjusting the density of low-gap units to achieve primary red (National Television System Committee). The high current density tail off in the efficiency is reduced by replacing the hole-injection layer with a photochemically cross-linked electron‑blocking layer.
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