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Efficient Spectral Analysis Through Effective Reduction of Adjacent Channel Interference in Multirate Processing

Author(s): Mr. G. Hemanja | Dr. K. Satya Prasad | Dr.P. Venkata Subbaiah

Journal: Signal Processing : An International Journal
ISSN 1985-2339

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Mutirate Processing | Bandpass Filtering | Decimation | Modified Kaiser Window | Net Input Samples | Spectral output

Spectral analysis is considered to be important area of consideration in which the volumereconstruction and visualization takes place, besides amounting to increase in computationalefficiency. The reception of selected frequency and amplitude level takes an important role forfurther processing at the succeeding stages of Digital Signal Processing. The number ofdevelopments are undertaken through research work for effective reception of signals. In thispaper, the proposed method is based on Multirate technique, specified by authors [1][2], in FiniteImpulse Response digital filter bank through Modified Kaiser window, subsequently followed byFast Fourier transform. A remarkable spectral output is achieved by way of increase inmagnitude, linear phase response, constant width and sharp rise of response, less adjacentchannel interference and better stopband attenuation as compared to authors of [3][4][5][6]besides significant improvement of specific parameters listed among the respective methods areelicited. In addition, a better reduction in computational complexity is achieved. This method ofspectral analysis is suitable in most of applications, especially in digital hearing aid applicationsas it is compatible with low frequency, low delay and low power requirements. The simulationresults are added on account of satisfactory performance and comparison is drawn to enlightenthe advantages in the proposed method.
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