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El contraste discursivo de los exiliados argentinos a través de dos publicaciones de prensa en tiempos rosistas (1839-1845)

Author(s): Ignacio Zubizarreta

Journal: HIb Revista de Historia Iberoamericana
ISSN 1989-2616

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 84;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Subaltern Groups | Lettered Groups | Illustrated Press | Antirrosista Proselytism | Circulation of Political Discourses

The present article attempts to reflect on two types of very differentdiscourses elaborated by a group exiled from the rosista regime to Uruguayan soil. In this manner, the analysis is focused on two publications, El Grito Argentino and El Nacional de Montevideo, that coincided in time, differed notably in their intentions. The first publication targeted an educated urban group that resided in exile. The second, targeted subaltern sectors located in Buenos Aires and its’hinterland. The present work focuses on the “popular” discourse, its’ circulation and its’ possible reception. The analysis of the “lettered” discourse achieves, in our view, an auxiliary function that hopes to serve as a contrast and explanatory support of the splendid incursion of the exiled with proselytic graphic stylesdirected at the working class.
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