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El prestigi de la intèrpret [The Interpreter's Prestige]

Author(s): Vicente Tena, Laura

Journal: Papers Lextra
ISSN 1885-2785

Volume: 1;
Start page: 83;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: interpreting | sociotranslation | prestige | professions

There have always been professions enjoying higher social prestige than others. It is however difficult to establish what are the factors that make this prestige so unstable a factor. However, different reasons regarding social recognition made me feel interested in studying the different factors that change social views of social facts.In this study, the prestige our society assigns to translators and interpreters is analyzed and I focus on one of those factors which may influence the social view of the profession. Thus, Nicole Kidman's last film, The Interpreter, will give us an excellent opportunity to survey the public's opinion of the interpreter's profession. The survey attempts at testing the hypothesis that Mass Media have an important impact on social views of social facts, and can therefore help the interests of any one group, including ours.
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