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El Programa Trabajar en Jujuy: Una mirada posible

Author(s): Sala, Gabriela | Golovanevsky, Laura

Journal: Población & Sociedad
ISSN 1852-8562

Volume: 10-11;
Start page: 05;
Date: 2003;
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Keywords: social policies | electoral fragmentation | assignment | unemployment | poverty

This paper puts forward a number or reflections about certain aspects of the Trabajar Programme in Jujuy, within the debate concerning the characteristics of social policies in a context of economic crisis, increase of unemployment, electoral fragmentation and crisis of political representation in the province of Jujuy. Analysing the assignment criterias, based on community belonging, this paper concludes that neither poverty nor unemployment were the principles underneath the distribution of assistance. With the background of the peculiar electoral system provided by the “Ley de Lemas”, the assistance went primarily to areas with more controllable or predictable electoral behaviour, and as a result less populated areas were the privilege destination of assistance. Then, basic matters of equality and racionality in the focalization criteria of social policies need to be discussed.
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