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Emergency Management of Thoracic Injuries

Author(s): Murat Oncel | Guven Sadi Sunam | Aysegul Bayir

Journal: Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi
ISSN 1300-3755

Volume: 22;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 110;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Thoracic injuries | trafic accidents | multi-traumas

Thoracic trauma is responsible for 20 to 25% of trauma related deaths. Motor vehicle accident is the most common cause of thoracic injuries. Chest or thoracic injuries are the second most common injuries (just after head injuries) causing death after traffic accidents,. Thoracic injuries may present itself from simple rib fractures through to intrathoracic organ injuries. As with any trauma in thoracic trauma, effective transport of patient as soon as possible and performing very simple intervention in the accident location are quite important for saving lives of the patients. In 70% of cases thoracic trauma affects chest wall, followed in order by the lungs, heart, diaphragm and the aorta. Since hypoxia causes serious damages to the lungs, early precautions will ensure delivery of adequate amount of oxygen to the tissues. Early diagnosis and and management of thoracic trauma would help us to apply appropriate treatment strategies and prevent complications [Archives Medical Review Journal 2013; 22(1.000): 110-129]
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