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Empreendedorismo regional: Um olhar sobre a identidade cultural em narrativas locais

Author(s): Girlaynne Danusia Farias Pereira | Adriana Tenório Cordeiro | Mayara Andresa Pires da Silva | Marcela de Moraes Batista

Journal: Revista de Negócios
ISSN 1980-4431

Volume: 18;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 3;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Empreendedor | Ação empreendedora | Desenvolvimento local | Identidade cultural

As globalization presents considerable changes in the territorial space, due to the increased mobility of capital and trade, regional and local phenomena become more complex. In the context of collective action, the Local Development issue has been strongly emphasized by the paradigm of industrial organization, specifically the form of local productive arrangements, and local narrative practices represent a rich investigative field for identifying constituent values and elements that articulate the cultural identity of the individual entrepreneur to actions aimed at local development. Trying to understand particular aspects of the social and cultural reality linked to entrepreneurship, we turn to experiences, values, and meanings from the analysis of three stories of successful entrepreneurs socially recognized in the Clothing sector in the Agreste of Pernambuco (Brasil). In this perspective, we perceived, through a qualitative research, that credibility, emotional ties, regional culture, and education revealed by the historicity are articulated to the discourse of local development. As local entrepreneurs aim for growth and consolidation of their businesses in the region, this prosperity enhances the expansion of the market from the perspective of endogenous entrepreneurship. It is evident also that not only people, but the business actors should be integrated into a symbolic level for the constructiveness of a territorial identity. Thus, this study intends to contribute in the direction of future research about the local productive arrangement in order to endorse collective entrepreneurial actions, from a field of proactive action that will enlarge the image of the region as a supply chain of textile and clothing of major repercussions in the national and global scenarios.
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